How to block YouTube ads on android | legal ways to prevent YouTube ads.

What happens if no ads display on youtube? Some ways the YouTube ads are good for you and sometimes annoying...
How to block YouTube ads on android | legal ways to prevent YouTube ads.

Hey, we are back with another article on youtube, recently youtube showing so many annoying ads which are not comfortable to watch full video or stream some kind of educational, informational, entertainment videos here we are giving some tricks to customize your ads and watch fewer ads on youtube.

What happens if no ads display on YouTube?

Some ways the youtube ads are good for you and sometimes annoying, all depends on you if you want some latest android smartphones and you search in google some latest smartphone and after that google knows that you want some smartphone-related products so google showing smartphone ads and we get some of best deals from the ads if you block ads google cant show you best deals so sometimes the ads are best for new products and deals.

Probleme when crated when youtube showing so many ads in a single video and repeating some ads that were so annoying to watch them each and every time and some are not skippable so we can't skip those ads and those ads are not helpful for us.

So after reading this article and applying some tricks, I sure you can customize your ads and the thinking of you about Ads is absolute changing.

How to block Youtube ads 

  • Try Youtube Premium
  • Use brave browser
  • Use some VPN
  • Try some Adblocker apps

1. Youtube Premium

Youtube premium is one of the best thing realized by youtube after buying youtube premium you can also play youtube videos in the background and use free youtube music which is the best and wide music platform if you have very little time to watch some videos or you are working, connected with the organization and want to save lots of time you definitely buy Youtube premium. 

If you are a student youtube offers some best offers for you, like one month free and after that, you have to pay $6.99/month and verify every year.

  • Go to the Youtube premium site.
  • Check the plans.
  • Buy any of your preferences (Try student and family plans if applicable).
  • Enjoy it.😜

2. Use Brave Browser 

Brave browser is one of the best blocking maximum ads on your site or youtube if you want to watch minimum ads free of cost you have to install the brave the browser on your android phone and use the adblocker function, only the disadvantages of watching youtube on the brave browser are you can't use the downloading option or the loading speed of UI is slow.

  • Download Brave browser.
  • Sign in/Sign up to your Google account.
  • Enable adblocker.
  • Open youtube in a brave browser.
  • Enjoy fewer Ads.😜

3. Use VPN apps

Using VPN apps you can enjoy fewer ads on youtube, using VPN's like the US, UK, Europe, and very developed countries the ads rates is very high so the ads company doesn't give more ads in one video so we can use it for our profit.

We are not suggesting any application because we respect youtube policies and the youtube community.

  • Find VPN on the play store or search in google you got millions of results.
  • Install some VPN apps and try it.
  • Open youtube and check all of the VPN apps.
  •  After that delete unwanted apps of VPN.
  • Enjoy😜.

4. Adblocker apps

There are lots of Adblocker apps on the play store or any other websites install them and there is some paid application that can also work.

This trick is highly not recommended because the Youtube community will log out of your account, because they do not want to ban ads, only ads are one of the best sources of income so youtube will not ban this thing.

We are not suggesting any application because we respect youtube policies and the youtube community.

  • Find Adblocker on the play store or google search.
  • Install and try some of Adblocker.
  • If some work uses it.
  • and Enjoy😜.

We highly recommend watching some ads it is for your benefit for information about new companies and new offers, sales and many more things. YouTube creators work very hard for their channel and some revenue from ads so watch some ads to support them or use legal alternatives.